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    The C.D. Hartnett Company uses highly reliable servers and software from IBM to maintain cutting edge Internet services.

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    Foodservice - Technology
    Sales Laptop System

    Sales Force Tools
    Using an advanced software package The C.D. Hartnett Company Foodservice sales force has the latest tools to assist customers with their orders, reviewing new items, nutritional and detailed product information, and more. Customized order guides and previous order history make the process quick with a high level of accuracy.

    • Allows sales professional to see up-to-date inventory
    • Allows sales professional to have up to date pricing
    • On the spot reports for customer
    • Custom inventory/order guides
    • Past purchase history
    • Real time product analysis via profile database
    Client Business Online Solutions

    Client Business Online Solutions
    The C.D. Hartnett Company offers advanced online solutions for Foodservice customers

    • Online Ordering
    • Online Account Information
    • Review Invoices
    • Review Statements
    • Chid Nutrition Data Sheets
    • TransFat Information
    • Manufacturer Information
    • Material Safety Data Sheets


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