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    Foodservice Distribution Center

    The C.D. Hartnett Company offers a unique style of "Customer Driven Distribution" to foodservice operators in Texas. Being "Customer Driven" goes beyond that of traditional foodservice distribution, this entails an ability to offer quality products, competitive pricing, as well as exceptional service. Today's successful distributors are searching for ways to build quality relationships and beneficial partnerships with customers.

    The C.D. Hartnett Company is moving forward with this challenge by training a sales staff to act as consultants to the trade. The concept is founded on the belief that our success improves as we assist customers in being more successful. In fact, The C.D. Hartnett Company’s mission statement reflects that "The customer is the reason--and the only reason--that The C.D. Hartnett Company is in business". Of course, quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional service are important elements in Foodservice Distribution.

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